Thursday, 5 July 2012

sad farewells!!

Hi All,

Today i am saying a fond farewell to one of my creations.....he was challenging and fun.He took a long time to make and i got attached to him quite badly.He is off to Ireland and i know the people adopting him will nurture and love him well but there is a bitter sweet taste in my mouth as i set him free on his travels.
Is it just me or do you get attached to your creations?
Maybe one day it will get easier but for now my heart is in mt mouth until i know he has arrived home safely.
I do hope you love him as much as i do Mark and Wendy and thank you so much for letting me create him for you xxx

1 comment:

  1. Natasha, has he arrived safely yet? How lucky Wendy and Mark will be to own such a beautiful dragon. Oh Natasha (hugs), I feel your pain. We give life to these feltie creatures and it hurts to let them go.

    I sold a mouse recently via Folksy. My Madam Souris (the mouse with a lofty attitude). Anyhow, the buyer bought her as a leaving gift for a work colleague. She must have arrived but I've not had feedback .... so it's kind of left me still wondering about my little mouse. I posted her off with her little suitcase ... (((( .... but have heard nothing further. I feel I have let her down somehow .... or is that daft!

    Anyway Natasha, hope you feel better about your dragon's departure soon.

    xxx Liza xxx