Wednesday, 4 July 2012

it's Wednesday!!

Hi all,
To state the obvious its Wednesday...haha....but to people who know me it is also Horse riding club for my two girls!
They have their own pony which they share although my eldest daughter rides him mostly.
Now a horse riding lesson once a week isn't so bad you may think but there is way more to it that that here in have to be there for 5:30pm and we won't get home until nearly 9pm....this is due to the fact that the club is small and the parents do everything rather than pay people to do it.....keeping the cost right down to £4 per lesson which is just amazing!
Of course it doesn't end there.....oh no....we own a pony and they cost a lot of money and take up so much time!!...haha....but we wouldn't have it any other times when i am really down the only thing that gets me out of be is the fact that i know there is nobody else that can look after him.......the kids can be looked after by their dad but he can't take care of a
Horses have an incredible way of knowing how you can't put on a brave face with them....they know!!
But because its Wednesday there will be no crafting for me hiss.....that's the only down side to the riding club here.......ah well....a mother first,crafter second........speak soon all xxx

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