Friday, 14 September 2012

summer has gone...welcome wintry crafting nights

Well,it looks like summer has gone here in the Shetland Isles.Although i love some nice weather and enjoy and pray for calm days so we can get out and play with the horses what i like the most is the wintry days were you have no choice but to sit inside and stay warm.
We talk about spring cleaning but i never get that want to be outside enjoying the freshness of spring.When the weather turns to cold and chilly i love to clean and get ready for the winter inside.......nothing beats a clean,tidy,well organized house to cosy up in and craft the hours away.I wonder how many of you like the winter....i'm guessing most of you will be in favour of summer...ah well,we can't all be the same.

Today i am working on my craft commissions......i have to say,i am getting a little bit overwhelmed by it all......i know i have to produce these pieces of art by November to get them posted but eeeeeek.....i hate pressure and deadlines but i so want to do these pieces...i really enjoy it...........and i wouldn't want my customers to feel they are making things hard for me because they are not at all....its my pleasure to do these things for them and it helps keep me in craft am working on Santa for someone today but so far he is looking like a woman hope by today he will have a lot of beard and start being more manly....haha

Anyway,thats enough rambling on for me for one day

Speak soon and happy crafting all xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

messy crafting fun

Hi all,

A many of us live in a craft mess?My world at the moment is taken up with crafting which i love of course but oh my goodness what a mess.I am the sort of person that doesn't like too much clutter and always feels so much better when things are much so that my food cupboard looks like its straight out of the sleeping with the enemy movie[if you haven't ever seen need to]Anyway,for those of us that are trying to make a few pennies out of our crafts to continue to buy supplies[my guilty not so secret secret]how long each week do you spend sorting through things?For me its hardly ever but i got to the stage where i had to clean and clear my space,so far its a 2 day job but i am sure it will be finished today.I know i will feel so much better for it but all i really want to do is craft.
I am sure my friends think i sit all day playing at making things but the reality is that to be a crafter who sells you have to do all sorts of time sucking things to enable to to craft and sell.I am hopeless at selling,trying to find the buyers and then setting a price ,finding stock at a good price.....the list goes on and on....not to mention the time spent chatting online to crafty whole day can be taken up doing that..haha.
Somehow though i will get myself jump started again....i need a wall planner to block out time per commission etc and a schedule of work....sigh......not very inspiring i know but hey,that's life some times.
Right back to the de cluttering.....speak soon xxx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

O.K so yesterday the dreading food shop came to bite me on my bum again.I am guessing for most of you a 'big' food shopping trip would take you 2 hrs at tops....sigh.....i wish!!
My trip to the 'local' tesco's takes hrs due to the fact i have to get a ferry[half an hr]across the sound to get to mainland Shetland and then nearly an hrs drive to the shops!
Now on good days i love it,the ferry calms me and i can have some time where i can do nothing but sit and think watching the calm sea's.On wintry windy days this ferry crossing is more like a roller-coaster i do love a good roller-coaster when you are strapped in but when you have to wedge yourself wit your legs and arms in your car to stay in the can be a white knuckle ride in the worse way!!
Yesterday wasn't so bad but because there were so many different cars etc going across we were so tightly packed that there was no chance of going to the lounge and having a cuppa.....leaving the view somewhat un-inspiring!
I thought you would like to see some of the views i see just going to the shops ....i apologise now for the bad quality of the photo's as we were taken out of a moving i wasn't driving..hehe.
Oh how i would love internet food shopping to come to really would save a long journey and sometimes 'sickly' sailings. is a organizing day so no crafting for me again :(.....speak soon all xxx
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