Sunday, 1 July 2012

a little less of the gloom :)

Well,after reading my first post back i was a bit taken a back to how bad those days were but i am pleased to say i have needle felted my way to smiling again.
So my life isn't perfect...who's is? but i am on the road to recovery.
I have my felting is fun facebook page and i am even selling my makes.....its all super exciting for me...i have even had some commissions which i loved doing.
At first my felting page was just so i could keep all my photo's together and for my friends to see what i have made but slowly people asked me if things were for sale....i was shell shocked!
I can remember my very first thing i sold...a swallow bird in a tattoo style....i didn't know how much so i asked her to make an didn't know what to say and asked me to give her a price......i was blushing and flustered and really didn't have a clue what to say so i just said a random price thinking she would say no way but she didn't and she was happy and so was i.
What a thrill it is knowing someone wants what you have created...i was overcome with amazement.....i had made something and someone else wants it enough to pay for it....oh my was a revelation!!
I had caught the bug of selling.....not for the money,it's never about the money but for the sheer joy i got when someone wanted to have my felty things in their home.
I put some bits on to Ebay.....starting at 99p...i knew it was way too low but they hiked up selling on average about £8 or so...not a lot but the feed back i got was a soul filled me up with happiness and spurred me on to do more!
Things were selling and i was date i have sold nearly everything i have made which is wonderful.
My creations are all over the world now and i couldn't be happier about that.
Now i have a little facebook shop app linked on my page and get requests for things......i also have some of my pieces in a little shop in my local's a little dream come true for me...i will never be rich but as long as i cover what my hobbies cost i am more than happy....after all being rich in happiness and joy has to be better than money.....right???
Anyway speak soon all xx
from the back.


My little swallow bird!

side view.


  1. Natasha, so many of us felters feel the same way. Needle felting came along and pulled a lot of us out of a hole. It did for you and most certainly it did for me. Your so right when you say life isn't perfect. But like you, once I get started on a project, everything else just seems to fade away .... we're in the zone .... LOL. And yes, it is a thrill when someone likes your creations enough to pay for them. I love your little colourful swallow bird, your first say eh? My first sale I think was a primitive jack russell pup. It's great that we can keep photos of all of our 'makes' isn't it. xx

    1. i am so grateful that i have my photo's.....keeps me from being too upset when they leave for their new homes x