Monday, 2 July 2012

keep it in the family!

hey....just a quick many of you out there feel like the odd ball in the family?
Sometimes my family look at me as if i am on another i come up with weird and to my mind wonderful crafting idea's.Most of my family just don't get crafting...what's the point in knitting a jumper when you can now buy them so cheaply......for them[my husband mainly]it's a about having something now....but for me and i know a lot of people the making is the best bit,and if you can have something useful or at least beautiful at the end of it so much the better.
I am lucky enough to have a few family members who are into crafting and find it fantastic to talk about my idea's with them....they get it.
I am also happy to say that my daughter's love crafting, what child doesn't like it but my eldest daughter shows such talent in her work it really does but me to shame.....her mind is open to any possibility with no boundaries......on day i aspire to have the same childlike mindset as her....they say the best view comes through a child's eyes......what a magical experience that would be!!
So whatever your doing today try to spend a little bit of time freeing your child's sure to make you and people around you smile.....speak soon all xx

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  1. Hi Natasha, absolutely, we all need to let the child within us roam free. I know that when I'm surrounded by wool and my crafty bits, I'm in heaven. And the best part is talking to other like minded people about it, without boring them to tears (as in the case of non crafy friends and relatives). xxx


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