Sunday, 1 July 2012

my first post...yikes,what am i starting..haha.

Hey Everyone,
I thought i might start a little blog to vent,share my exciting times and my life really. sometimes i have nothing to say but there are times when i can't type fast
I want you all to be part of my new adventure.......crafting.O.K so i know you are already starting to yawn but honestly crafting has saved my's keeping me sane in a way nothing else can...not even anti-depressants..hehehehe!!
About 7 months ago i was in a very low much so that the doctors wanted to admit me to the hospital for way was i wanting that,but how to get out of my oh so low mood!
Life had become a constant family whizzed in and out in fast forward around me and i could do nothing...even sitting still made me sleepy....I felt like i was in slow motion most of the time.
I have since be diagnosed with by polar and struggle to keep on an even keel....the slightest thing will set me into a manic time or to the depths of despair.....sigh.
But its not all doom and net book was my lifeline as i wandered the halls of facebook and i could be myself and ignore the world around me.
While browsing youtube i came across needle felting...PING....i was intrigued and wondered if this could be for me.....i soon found Kay Petal's site and was mesmerized by her skill....yes,i wanted to try this.
It took me a whole month to spend some money though......i felt at the time that i just didn't deserve it....but i took the plunge and have never ever looked back!
I met a few like minded felty people on facebook and they have become my family,they lift me when i am down and ground me when i am manic....i can truly say i love each and every one of them[you know who you are xx]
Well it felt like Christmas when my supplies came.....i was excited but couldn't touch anything for days....i was to scared that i would fail....i had no self confidence...but one night when the children were in bed and my husband was out[he hated leaving me but i made him...poor man needed a break!]i started poking the wool.A HUGE GRIN SPREAD ACROSS MY FACE......I CAN DO THIS I SAID IN A WHISPER.

Slowly a little bear appeared before my eyes....and i know he isn't the best little bear in the world but to me he is very first needle felted bear and for me a new beginning and outlook on my world...WOW.
Well,that's it for now...i'll be back soon with some more felty adventure and life...i hope you enjoyed rather than injured my very first post ...speak soon all xx   


  1. Great to have you in the blogging world! And yes, crafting (And trully living) Is the best healer there is, I too ditched the drugs in favour of living. Huzzah! <3

    1. no drugs now for me either...better to feel something one way or the other than to be so numb life,whatever it holds passes you by...fantastic to be blogging again....its like therapy for me!!

  2. Natasha, you just MADE ME CRY! What a wonderful post here. I'm giving you a massive big hug as a fellow needle felter and friend. A big tight squeeze of a hug. Much love. xxx

    1. Please don't hugs back at ya babe.......lots of love to you too xxx


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