Friday, 30 November 2012

The Christmas countdown!!!!!!!

Hi All,

Firstly the same old sorry for not being around too much,this blog is not very regular and for that i,that's enough

Well then,what's been happening with me,i have finished all my orders for the have found the pressure of getting things done to a strict deadline [xmas] a lot to deal with.I have enjoyed every minute though and i have to admit am at a loose end now with no orders to get done!
I do still have a waiting list to start in January but no matter how hard i try i can't seem to get started on think i am preoccupied with Christmas which is my most favourite time of year.
Saturday brings the first of December and in my house means putting up the decorations.....eeeeeek......i can't wait.My house is usually clutter free,i'm not too into nic naks but that is not because i don't see the beauty but more the fact i hate Anyway,my house is transformed at xmas time.....all the sides are covered in christmassy magic and i love it so much.This year is going to be so much better as i now have a wonderful addition to the living room,a stunning multi fuel burner.....its wonderful and makes the room feel so cosy.

How are you all managing with the Christmas count down?are all you gifts bought or made ready yet? I have to say most of mine are now done,a few little bits and pieces will be bought in  the mad last week,maybe even christmas love it all,as for crafting gifts this year i haven't done any :( This has saddened me a little but i just didnt want to put anymore pressure on myself and run the risk of not being able to enjoy the season! I am knitting a jumper for hubby but i doubt it will be an xmas gift...just something to keep my hands from idling.

Anyway,not much else to say not like me at all,

love to you all

speak soon xxx