Thursday, 6 September 2012

O.K so yesterday the dreading food shop came to bite me on my bum again.I am guessing for most of you a 'big' food shopping trip would take you 2 hrs at tops....sigh.....i wish!!
My trip to the 'local' tesco's takes hrs due to the fact i have to get a ferry[half an hr]across the sound to get to mainland Shetland and then nearly an hrs drive to the shops!
Now on good days i love it,the ferry calms me and i can have some time where i can do nothing but sit and think watching the calm sea's.On wintry windy days this ferry crossing is more like a roller-coaster i do love a good roller-coaster when you are strapped in but when you have to wedge yourself wit your legs and arms in your car to stay in the can be a white knuckle ride in the worse way!!
Yesterday wasn't so bad but because there were so many different cars etc going across we were so tightly packed that there was no chance of going to the lounge and having a cuppa.....leaving the view somewhat un-inspiring!
I thought you would like to see some of the views i see just going to the shops ....i apologise now for the bad quality of the photo's as we were taken out of a moving i wasn't driving..hehe.
Oh how i would love internet food shopping to come to really would save a long journey and sometimes 'sickly' sailings. is a organizing day so no crafting for me again :(.....speak soon all xxx

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