Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sleepy Sunday

Hi All,

Today is a sleepy Sunday....the sun is shining but i can get motivated to get anything done.What do you guys do to get yourself going?i Will have to move soon as my daughters are off to ride their pony and have a lesson or two.I am their unpaid do love it though.

I have some felty work to be getting on with but my hands are telling me they want to
I am also being drawn to crochet too.....i really want to make a granny square guess i am thinking of the cold winters we get here in Shetland..haha.

I am sitting here smelling the roast dinner in the oven and am really starting to look forward to the winter strange as it sounds.....all those cosy dark nights with nothing to do but craft.As much as i love the warmth of the summer sun i always feel guilty about staying inside and indulging in my latest craft obsession!Sun = outside adventures.....i am always telling my children to go out and make the most of the weather but i do find it hard to take my own advise,all i want to do is sit on my squishy sofa and play[oh ,i mean]with my wool!

Anyway,sitting here writing this is just another delaying tactic to getting of the ever increasing mass called my bottom and getting on with something so i will leave you with a few of my felty pics.......Happy crafting all and speak soon xxx

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