Friday, 14 September 2012

summer has gone...welcome wintry crafting nights

Well,it looks like summer has gone here in the Shetland Isles.Although i love some nice weather and enjoy and pray for calm days so we can get out and play with the horses what i like the most is the wintry days were you have no choice but to sit inside and stay warm.
We talk about spring cleaning but i never get that want to be outside enjoying the freshness of spring.When the weather turns to cold and chilly i love to clean and get ready for the winter inside.......nothing beats a clean,tidy,well organized house to cosy up in and craft the hours away.I wonder how many of you like the winter....i'm guessing most of you will be in favour of summer...ah well,we can't all be the same.

Today i am working on my craft commissions......i have to say,i am getting a little bit overwhelmed by it all......i know i have to produce these pieces of art by November to get them posted but eeeeeek.....i hate pressure and deadlines but i so want to do these pieces...i really enjoy it...........and i wouldn't want my customers to feel they are making things hard for me because they are not at all....its my pleasure to do these things for them and it helps keep me in craft am working on Santa for someone today but so far he is looking like a woman hope by today he will have a lot of beard and start being more manly....haha

Anyway,thats enough rambling on for me for one day

Speak soon and happy crafting all xxx

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